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A Healthy space, is a Happy place tobe


 45% of Canadian business owners indicated that they felt mental health challenges compared to 38% in February 2022

- Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)


2x as likely to report a lifetime history of depression
2x as likely to attempt suicide or be hospitalized in a psychiatric institution
3x more likely to have bipolar disorder 
3x more likely to experience substance abuse and addiction

-  The prevalence and co-occurrence of psychiatric conditions among entrepreneurs and their families


77% of entrepreneurs were stressed “because of high self-expectations, the fear of loss and failure – and loneliness

- Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)

What Clients Say

 It was refreshing to see Kimberly’s step session actively engage and energize not just the participants but the judges and experts at the EVolve Hackathon, U of T Scarborough.


Recognizing the importance of de-stressing in high pressure events like Hackathons, Kim ensured that participants left with positive energy.


We absolutely recommend Sapphenix Movement to anyone looking to create events that prioritize well-being of participants and elevate the overall experience.

Komal Tariq | Program Coordinator

University of Toronto - THE HUB

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