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is the Movement for Mental Health!


Sapphenix is a creative social enterprise that uses holistic & healthy movement practices to elevate excellence. Being passionate about health, we use our company and foundation to educate on the 4 C’s: creativity, calmness, culture & collaboration.

Our mission is to support others as they help themselves, with an emphasis on the marginalized communities.

Influenced by the nuances of human behaviour, particularly Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, the Sapphenix philosophy is based on the connection between psychology and movement as a means to release generational trauma and empower the journey to excellence.

We specialize in movement coaching and performance experiences that target taboo and untold traumas while educating on the importance of mindfulness for healthier mind and body connection. Our performance movement experiences use storytelling, primarily through dance and our wellness programs facilitate diverse lifestyle workshops to help you move, restore, connect & evolve.


Our coaching methods are deeply rooted in the science of health studies & mental health and is seamlessly complimented by 30 years of classical training in dance & sports for high performers. 


As the Sapphenix brand expands, so does our community engagement. We focus on improving self awareness, pain relief & health management to increase intrinsic motivation, creativity & sustainable wellness.

At Sapphenix, we are committed to elevating the way we "move" and helping others do the same.

So welcome to the movement, for movement, through movement.

We hope to help you live your best life!

All my love,

Kimberly Beckles | Founder & CEO


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