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Corporate Movement Program

A Healthy Team, is a Happy Team

Tackles Burnout

61% of workers say they are burned out and that 23% of work-related stress comes from trying to balance work and personal life.

We understand that stress is unavoidable and that productivity is directly impacted by how work life and personal life connect with each other.

Work-life balance is not a one-time achievement, but rather, an ongoing cycle that requires intervention, evaluation and adjustment, especially for burned out individuals.

Our roadmap includes holistic lifestyle practices that empowers your community to move better and feel more balanced so they can prosper both professionally, and personally. 

Inclusive Programming

About 8 million Canadians reported having at least one disability. 30% of short- and long-term disability claims in Canada are attributed to mental health problems and illnesses.

Each community has their own challenges, both physically and mentally, that worsens with the injuries and disorders that affect each persons' well-being.

Our roadmap to wellness is improving the access to care based on these wellness barriers, including individuals with neurological and physical divergences, as well as their family members, to live more equitably.

A community is "only as strong as its weakest link", so creating inclusive programs for those who have divergent experiences, offers the compassionate care you need.

Increases Engagement

4.1 million people experience high or very high levels of work-related stress and 85% of companies say wellness programs boosts their communities' engagement.

We know that an engaging and fun organizational wellness program is essential to the success of well-being in your ecosystem.

Our Roadmap to Wellness program has a culturally based component that generates positive energy with unique European, Latin American, Caribbean and African movements.

 We often see big smiles and a lot of laughter when there is cultural inclusion and any organization can boost their community engagement with this add-on.

Sustainable Wellness

Studies show that companies who have a mental wellness program in place for 3 years experience a $2.18 ROI for every dollar invested in the program

The journey to health can be tricky, so our Sapphenix program plan is designed to keep your community covered.

Our "Roadmap to Wellness" programs use long term solutions that tackle the root causes of burnout through aspects of calmness, culture, connection and community to promote mental health.

Effective wellness programs pay for themselves though smart strategies and our roadmap offers creative, comprehensive and customizable programs for every wellness journey. 

What Clients Say

 It was refreshing to see Kimberly’s step session actively engage and energize not just the participants but the judges and experts at the EVolve Hackathon, U of T Scarborough.


Recognizing the importance of de-stressing in high pressure events like Hackathons, Kim ensured that participants left with positive energy.


We absolutely recommend Sapphenix Movement to anyone looking to create events that prioritize well-being of participants and elevate the overall experience.

Komal Tariq | Program Coordinator

University of Toronto - THE HUB

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