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we are giving back to those in need

The Black Joy Experience

95% feel that the underutilization of mental health services by Black Canadian residents was an issue that needs to be addressed.

We believe that a holistic and inclusive program is essential to the well-being of any community.

Our programs are committed to promoting mental health practices in partnership with non profit organizations and incubators that prioritize the African Diaspora. 

As we build a wellness community to promote mental health in the black community, we can help others foster an environment where more individuals can thrive.

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Student Leadership Investment Program

83% of students say their financial realities affect their academic performance. Nearly 1-in-3 (30%) students have considered dropping out of post-secondary institutions.

We are on a mission to invest in 55 students in 5 years for their essentials, education and entrepreneurship needs (by 2029).

As part of our community Project FLOURISH, young people can cultivate a growth mindset as a student leader through employment opportunities as a health promoter.

By conducting health research, facilitating wellness sessions or telling stories through media or performances, they can cover their essential needs or grow the education fund for tuition.

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