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Founder of the Sapphenix Collective

Her Story:


Life has a funny way of showing us how to be happy & Kimberly is a social entrepreneur that develops creative systems on how to get there 


She grew up in Jamaica as a trained dancer & athlete that later immigrated to Canada in 2003


Striving for excellence was a core part of her training and whether she joins a group or creates her own, Kimberly has always found new ways to use her skills & prioritize quality when helping herself & others.


Like most, Kimberly struggled with tough transitions & encountered a lot limitations due to  inconveniences within the service industry she had access to. 

After she was restricted by the injuries of her 3rd car accident, she discovered a new perspective on the importance of strong foundations that will last a lifetime 


She longed for consistent access to quality service providers that could meet her physical & mental needs, but convenience was often a problem. So she decided do something about this common issue & so she connected with other high quality service providers to offer easier access to their services.


Sapphenix was created (during the Covid 19 pandemic) to remove the regular inconveniences in the service industry and replace them with live & virtual access to many of your favourite services from anywhere in the world. 


Simply sign up with Sapphenix & get easy access to quality services that you know will deliver. 


Join us today!

Services include:

- UNWIND classes

(every FRIDAY @ 6 pm)


“Once you figure out your left foot and your right,

nothing can stop you.”


- Wyclef Jean

Kimberly's Schedule

Dec 11 - Dec 17















I carry most of my tension in my jaw, neck, and upper back. I was not aware how this tension impacted the rest of my body, particularly my posture. Taking these sessions allowed me to better understand the mechanics of my body through slow, guided movement, with an emphasis on the importance of core activation and strength. I tell you…I did not realize how much this impacted my body! I now understand why it's so important to stretch PROPERLY. With each session, especially as they often pushed me in ways that not only encouraged development, but mindfulness as well, I was amazed at how relaxed and engaged I felt afterwards. After my first session I was so energized I immediately completed tasks that I had been putting off! 

Also, as someone who also struggles with remaining in the present, I was able to take time to deeply attend to my body and mind simultaneously which I am so grateful for. I especially enjoyed the journaling before and after each session. I was able to reflect on the progress I made, I track my growth, and reflect on where I was at mentally. Overall, I am very happy with the program as it was tailored to my fitness goals and I felt supported from start to end. I would strongly recommend this program to everyone! You will definitely gain deeper awareness of self to optimize your physical and mental wellbeing. 


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