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Organizational Wellness

Studies show that companies who have a mental wellness program in place for 3 years experience a $2.18 ROI for every dollar invested in the program

The journey to "Flourish" can be tricky, so our Sapphenix roadmap is designed to to keep you covered.

Our Project Flourish programs tackle the root causes of burnout and spark calmness, culture, connection and community to promote mental health.

Every community is unique and deserves a creative, comprehensive and customized program for a thriving wellness journey. 

movement to FLOURISH

Culture & Engagement

60% of Black Canadians would be more willing to use mental health services if the mental health professional was Black.

We believe that a diverse and inclusive organizational wellness program is essential to the well-being of your ecosystem.

We are promoting cultural awareness and sensitivity in through a tailored program for individuals in the African Diaspora. By using programs that foster a culture of equity, diversity and inclusion, we can allow more individuals in your community can thrive.

Your organization can choose to offer wellness programs that are inclusive of the black individuals, by black individuals.

Black Mental Health in Ogranizations

movement to LIGHT

Mindful Living

62% of entrepreneurs feel depressed at least once a week, especially women that are in early stage startups. 46% say that mental health issues interferes with work

We understand the importance of having compassion and embracing flexibility while integrating work and personal life to support each other.

Work-life balance is not a one-time achievement but a continuous journey and an ongoing cycle that requires evaluation and adjustment.

We are dedicated to creating and implementing personalized organizational solutions that enable your community to prosper both professionally, and personally. 

movement to LOVE

Community First

83% of students say their financial realities affect their academic performance.

Sapphenix is on a mission to invest in 55 students in 5 years for their essentials, education and entrepreneurship needs (by 2029).

You can support a Sapphenix Student Leader by having them facilitate the wellness programs for your organization. It is a thoughtful way to give back to community while helping yours in the process.

This option is a part of our community project (FLOURISH), where students apply for work opportunities as health promoters to gain experience and finance their tuition through their natural gifts and passions.

Student Leaders in Organizations

What Clients Say

 It was refreshing to see Kimberly’s step session actively engage and energize not just the participants but the judges and experts at the EVolve Hackathon, U of T Scarborough.


Recognizing the importance of de-stressing in high pressure events like Hackathons, Kim ensured that participants left with positive energy.


We absolutely recommend Sapphenix Movement to anyone looking to create events that prioritize well-being of participants and elevate the overall experience.

Komal Tariq

The HUB Program Coordinator

University of Toronto

Sapphenix Abundance Client

Video Camera

Media Portfolio

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Image by Ardian Lumi

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